How to fix the time and date on PC when it keep changing? Even bios battery is dead !

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Here are a few ways to How To Fix The Time and Date on PC and automatically synchronize your PC clock on Windows startup so you don’t have to remember going to the Internet Time Settings option ! To prevent it from changing, disable time syncing. Right-click the time and date display on the right side of the Windows taskbar and select “Adjust Date/Time.” Open the “Internet Time” tab in the “Date and Time” dialog box that opens up and then click the “Change Settings” button.

How to fix the time on PC when it keep changing?

How to set date and time automatically on bootup even Real time clock (Bios) battery dead. (How to fix Windows Time and Date not Synchronize due to bios battery)

How to fix windows time not Synchronize even bios battery is dead ? 

There is a small battery integrated into your computer’s motherboard to keep the PC clock running even when the computer is turned off. When the battery runs out, you will start seeing error messages such as System CMOS checksum bad – Default configuration used when starting up the computer and the date and time getting reset back to the default BIOS manufacturer date. You can still start up the computer by pressing a button to resume the boot process and Windows will load as normal.

Changing the integrated battery on the motherboard will solve the problem and is actually quite easy to accomplish for desktop computers but on laptops the battery is often harder to get to. If you don’t want to take things apart, here are a few ways to automatically synchronize your PC clock on Windows startup so you don’t have to remember going to the Internet Time Settings option and manually click on the Update Now button each time you power up your computer.

How To Fix The Time and Date on PC? Now you can easily fix the windows time synchronize problem, download below software and fix it

1. Time-Sync

Time-Sync is another free Windows time correction software that installs and runs as a service. It is quite similar to Dimension 4 but is much simpler with less options. After installing Time-Sync, by default it is configured to run at Windows startup and automatically performing a time synchronization when the service is started. You can verify this from the Protocol tab.

At the Settings tab, you can configure to enable the event logging and change the update interval. The update interval contains selection as fast as every half a minute to once every day. So if your computer is having battery problems and not maintaining the time, you should select “Synchronize every day” so that the program doesn’t unnecessarily perform time synchronization. Time-Sync supports up to 5 time servers which can be configured in the Settings tab. It uses the first time server on the list, and automatically attempts the next one when it fails.

time-sync settings

While Time-Sync doesn’t have the option to automatically close the program after a successful time sync, the executable file TimeSyncServiceClient.exe running in background only takes up 532Kb of memory.

Download Time-Sync 

2. Dimension 4

Dimension 4 is probably the most popular time correction software for computers running Windows operating system. It is free for personal use but commercial users will require to purchase a license at $10 each. What we like about Dimension 4 is it comes with a huge list of time servers, able to load the program at Windows startup through services, run a time sync once and then automatically exiting the program. Apart from that, if the time server fails, it can automatically retry the next time server until it gets a working time sync.

How To Fix The Time and Date on PC

If you want to use Dimension 4 to automatically sync your computer’s time on Windows startup, there are a few settings that you need to take note of. First of all, click the Settings button on the program. Then you will need to enable the following options by ticking the checkbox:

  • Load Dimension 4 at startup
  • Once loaded, wait until online
  • Synchronize once, then exit

At the correction area uncheck the Maximum correction checkbox or else it won’t work. This maximum correction setting will only update the time if the time on the computer is within the specified time range. Do take note that there will still be a d4.exe process running after closing the program, but it takes up very little memory usage at only 500Kb.

Download Dimension 4

3. Neutron

If you prefer a simpler tool that just checks for the current time on the server and automatically adjusts the clock without too much fuss, check out Neutron. What makes Neutron stand out is the small file size (10KB), it’s portable, it automatically retries the next time server when the current one fails and has the ability to auto sync on startup. Importantly it can also exit after the time has been synced so nothing is left running in the background. Neutron’s an old tool dating back to 2008 but still works fine.

How To Fix The Time and Date on PC

Although Neutron can automatically check for the system’s time accuracy during boot by placing it in the Startup folder or registry Run key, we prefer a more elegant solution of setting Neutron up to run as a scheduled task. This has some advantages such as bypassing UAC restrictions and only launching after the system has connected to the network, which is better if your network adapter takes several seconds to initialize. Here’s how to do it:

a) Download Neutron extract the Zip file and copy the Neutron folder to the root of your C: drive. The path to the executable should look like this:


b) Launch Neutron and click the arrows at the bottom right to open the options panel. Check the Auto sync at program startu and Exit after time has been synced boxes, then close Neutron.

How To Fix The Time and Date on PC

c) To try and simplify the process we’ve already created a scheduled task to be imported into your Task Scheduler. Download NeutronTimeTask extract it and run Create_NeutronTime_Task.bat. Users without administrator privileges will need to right click and Run as administrator or there’ll be an access denied error in the script.

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